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With a family of four living in a two bedroom one bath house, it was necessary for the end design to have more space. However, with classic Sears homes like this, it was essential to keep the design integrity of the original home and keep the new design in scale with the neighborhood. We built the new design upon the existing footprint of the original house and added a small side addition for the staircase tower. The open riser stairs transverses all three floors from the basement to the new second floor addition. The front of the house is still a classic front porch home, keeping with the Sears House tradition, but the side staircase element gives the house a fresh, modern look. The back of the house echoes the modern look of the front and allows for immense sunlight into the design. In addition, we designed a separate studio space for client in the back yard with windows that match those in the stair tower. Our design kept the charm of the Sears House but brought the comforts necessary for a 21st century family. 

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