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WMDesign was founded by Wanda Madrid-Diaz. With a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado, Denver and two years of study at the University of New Mexico, Wanda began practicing in the field in 2002 in the DC area. In 2004 she became the associate editor of the Architectural Graphic Standards 11th Edition, which provided Wanda with the unique opportunity to assist with the new standards of building details for residential and commercial architecture. Wanda was able to gain extensive residential architecture experience after working for multiple firms in the DC area and in 2008 she decided to open her own practice, WMDesign.


Focusing on renovations, new designs, and additions, WMDesign has been designing in the DC area for just over 10 years. Many of the projects worked on by the firm can be seen around Arlington, Virginia. In 2013 WMDesign won a Design Arlington Award for the addition done on the Diaz Residence. This addition includes a stair tower, exposed structural steel beams, and corner glazed windows, which are the core elements of this design.


WMDesign has worked on traditional additions to modern homes built from the ground up. The versatility of this firm has attracted many clients with unique projects. WMDesign pulls much of their inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Mid-Century Modern design which can be seen in many of their projects. The guiding principal of this firm has always been that No Space is Too Small for Great Design, and WMDesign believes in bringing that principal to every project.

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